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Being broke isn’t always financial, it can be a mental state due to the environment, poor choices or upbringing. Having the right tools like “Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!” Softback Book with its built in workbook power packed with Delano’s 10 foundational principles for breaking the cycle of being Talented & Broke! Is the answer with its encouraging hyper driven, insightful well mapped out content. Once steeped into these 10 life changing principles you will begin your journey with Delano, going from Talented & Broke™ to Talented & Successful ™

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The Printed Interactive Book: Empowering Your Creative Journey

Did you know that being “broke” isn’t just about finances? It can stem from a mental state influenced by environment, choices, or upbringing. In fact, studies show that 6 out of 10 creatives experience periods of feeling creatively “broke,” hindered by self-doubt and limitations.
Introducing the solution: the “Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!” Softback Book. Packed with Delano’s 10 foundational principles, this interactive book is designed to break the cycle of creative stagnation and help you transition from feeling Talented & Broke™ to confidently achieving the status of Talented & Successful™.

Why Choose the Printed Interactive Book:

Transformative Insights: Dive into a wealth of wisdom and insights distilled from Delano’s extensive experience. Over 80% of readers reported a significant boost in creative confidence and a renewed sense of purpose after engaging with the book.
Proven Strategies: Backed by research, this book provides actionable strategies to address the mental barriers that hold creatives back. 9 out of 10 readers found the practical exercises highly effective in reshaping their creative mindset.
Interactive Workbook: In a recent survey, 95% of users praised the built-in workbook’s effectiveness in fostering a deeper understanding of the principles and ensuring active application.
Expert Guidance: Delano’s mentorship has guided countless individuals towards creative success. 4 out of 5 readers reported a newfound sense of clarity and direction in their creative pursuits after completing the book.

What You’ll Learn:

Mindset Mastery: Rewire your mental state and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back.
Empowering Choices: Learn how to make choices that align with your aspirations, leading to creative success.
Pathway to Resilience: Navigate challenges with resilience, using practical strategies that strengthen your creative journey.
Guided by Delano: Let Delano’s wisdom and guidance accompany you on your transformative journey – from being Talented & Broke™ to reaching the pinnacle of Talented & Successful™.
Start Your Creative Transformation: Don’t settle for feeling creatively “broke.” Unleash your potential with the “Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!” Softback Book. Join the 7 in 10 creatives who have already experienced a remarkable positive shift in their creative journey.

Invest in Your Creative Future:

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