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30 DAY COUPLES JOURNEY COURSE (Partnership Journey)


Next Course Starts March 1, 2024

The Talented & Broke Partnership Journey/ Group Couples Course helps couples dig deeper relationally with intensity spiritually, and holistically, as well as financially using foundational life principles, like learning how to connect where it matters most. Delano takes you through the most important issues, conversations, collaborations and pain points couples so desperately need to address to win together. He was married for over 20 years and has firsthand experience to guide you from Talented & Broke™ to Talented & Successful™
as a couple.

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Next Course Starts March 1st, 2024

Couples, Get Ready to Elevate Your Connection!

Unlock the secrets of roles in creative partnerships and the law of the most creative. Dive deep into the 12 essential relationship connections outlined in Chapter 7, with a focus on the law of three connections. Discover how to connect on hearts, minds, and finances for transformative results.
Meet your guide, Delano, an expert with over 20 years of personal experience in creative relationships. He’ll lead you from being Talented & Broke™ to Talented & Successful™ as a united couple.

What You Get:

• Digital WorkBook
• Printed Workbook
• Audio Book
• 15 min Orientation
• Clubhouse BookClub
• Daily 5 Min Video Video
• 1HR Q&A
• 25% OFF Getaway Events*
• Delano’s Book Vault

What You’ll Discover:

Dual Purpose Connections : Learn to harness the power of connections that serve multiple roles.
Creative Conflict Resolution : Navigate conflicts with creativity and innovation.
Couple Brainstorming : Collaborate effectively to turn ideas into reality.
The Role of Intimacy : Explore how intimacy impacts your creative output.

Why Choose This Course?

We’re more than a course; we’re a community of couples on the same journey. Address crucial issues, conversations, and pain points that couples often struggle with alone.

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Transform your relationship into a powerhouse of love, success, and shared dreams. Let the Talented & Broke Partnership Journey/Group Couples Course be your guide to a thriving future together.

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