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30 DAY SOLO JOURNEY COURSE (Self Reflection Journey)


Next Course Starts March 1, 2024

The “Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!” Solo Course is great for the self motivated person. If you are ready, then this intense, laser focused, goal setting based on foundational principles, encouraging and insightful content with its built-in workbook, designed for high engagement is for you. The course reveals pain points and a plan of action that guides you towards your goals. Once these 10 life changing principles become your road map you will begin your journey with Delano, going from Talented & Broke™ to Talented & Successful!™

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Next Course Starts March 1st, 2024

Marketing Push: Elevate Your Creativity with “Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!” Solo Journey Course

Are you a self-motivated individual determined to break free from the cycle of talent without prosperity? If you’re ready to ignite your creative journey with unparalleled focus and drive, then the “Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!” Solo Course is your gateway to transformation.

What You Get:

• Digital WorkBook
• 20% OFF Printed Book
• 20% OFF Audio Book
• Clubhouse BookClub
• Daily Emails
• 1HR Q&A
• 25% OFF Getaway Events*

What to Expect:

Intense Self-Reflection: Dive into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, guided by Delano’s expertise and insights.

Laser-Focused Goal Setting: Harness your ambition with precision as you craft goals that align with your creative aspirations.

Engaging Content & Workbook: Immerse yourself in rich, thought-provoking content coupled with a comprehensive workbook for practical application.

Foundational Principles: Build your success upon fundamental principles that have been proven to drive results.

You Will Learn:

Unleashing Self-Motivation: Ignite the fire within to consistently pursue your creative endeavors.

Goal Realization Strategies: Master techniques to turn your dreams into actionable, achievable goals.

Overcoming Obstacles: Navigate through challenges and emerge stronger on your creative journey.

Sustainable Success Mindset: Develop a mindset that propels you from mere talent to enduring success.

Why Choose Delano’s Talented & Broke Products?

Delano’s commitment to your growth extends beyond the course itself. With his unparalleled guidance, you’ll embark on a journey that’s not just about skill development, but about true transformation from Talented & Broke!™ to Talented & Successful!™.

Ready to Elevate Your Creative Trajectory?

Seize the opportunity to transcend your current state and claim the success you deserve. Enroll in the "Refuse To Live Talented & Broke!" Solo Course today, and embark on a path of empowerment and creativity like never before.

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